25 January 2010

letter # the third

How is it that something as small as looking into someone’s eyes is enough to say what you can’t find the words to say? That one look can tell you infinitely more than what words could ever say? That one glance can steal your breath away and make you crave just one more glimpse?

I never thought that I would ask those questions. Never thought I would need to, thought that as soon as you found someone you could just use words and they would be enough.

They’re not.

Words are so amazingly insignificant sometimes, not seemingly enough to express what we really want to say from the bottom of our souls. It’s like they stand in for the language of our soul – like when you translate something from Spanish or French to English and that certain “oomph” is missing.

But looking into your eyes, I know I don’t need words. That you can just steal one fleeting look at me and know everything I’m thinking. That I don’t need to explain myself, because you already know.

I love that.

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