10 January 2010

the party, part xxvi (26)

And hearing that does keep them away.

Nightmares have dogged her every step for the last month or so. Not things that go bump in the night, but things more realistic and things that scare her. Situations that play out and end up losing people or having to admit that there’s nothing she can do to save those that mean so much.

But he helps. A lot. Far more than she would have ever imagined. It’s like hearing that can just erase every dream that tries to worm it’s way into her head until only the good ones can squeeze through. Like she has her own personal dream catcher.

She blushes a lot more these days, too.

It’s something he’s commented on a few times. That, and the fact that her heart’s beating quicker than lightning every time he hugs her. There’s nothing she can do about it – it’s just him. Just the way he makes her feel. It drives her crazy (in a good way) that all he can do is wink at her and she just smiles like some crazy person.

They’ve been together just shy of a month. It seems so much longer to both of them, that they can hardly believe it. Seems crazy that they knew each other for so long before getting over everything and finally getting together. It’s been a crazy, insane, amazing last few weeks.

Our girl’s never smiled so much in her life.

Or blushed so much, or laughed at such ridiculous things, or been able to write so well. She can sit down now and crank out over a thousand words in 15 or 20 minutes. There’s so much energy in her that she can’t just sit still. She has to do something, anything at all. For the first time in a while, she has an escape other than her bedroom. Has a confidant that doesn’t just meow at her and then run away.

She has someone who means the world to her. Someone that makes her heart beat just a bit faster whenever she just thinks about him. Someone that knows all the right things to say to drag her out of her deepest sadnesses or make her laugh.

Someone that is just so incredibly amazing that she doesn’t know what she did to deserve him.

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