28 September 2009

The Party, Part XVIII (18)

Who knew with hard work anything can be reality?

It’s true, it’s true! Great friendships can stand the tests and trials of the world, even the trials that have been thrown at our girl these last few months. In the somewhat space of a few weeks, things have defiantly taken a turn for the better. Sure, he’s back with his ex, sure things were pretty dang rocky for a month or so, but things are back to the amazingness that they used to be.

Back to the days when conversation flowed easily and could go on forever it seemed. Days when no subject was unapproachable, when every word seemed sacred and revered to her. Even now, though she knows that he will never be more than her very best friend (which doesn’t bother her as much as some might think), it seems like things just clicked back into place. Simple enough, easy peesy lemon squeezy, right?

And it is.

It seems that she’s almost always smiling now. There’s not the weight of the drama and stress upon her shoulders and she can hang out with him, no pressure from either of them. And he’s doing that thing again, the thing where he draws her out of her shell without her even realizing it. First, an introduction into the world of school-based clubs, with the diversity club that she now wonders why she was never in. Then she gets ‘dragged’ to the first football game of the season – one that she knows they’ll lose, since they’re not the best team ever and they’re playing one of the best teams around.

She’s catching up with other friends too. One that she always loved, that never really got closer than the fringes of our girl’s personality, she’s getting closer and closer with every day. Our girl went to an event at their church – Rockin’ On the Roof – and spent a lot of time with her. Painted each others’ faces, went through the rummage sale and tried on outrageous things, and generally just had a blast. It was more fun than our girl thinks she’s had in ages.

The social butterfly appears again, huh?

For awhile, everything seemed to revolve around this guy. She always wanted to see him, sometimes even planning things around when he said he was coming, but now? Now, she has other people she genuinely wants to spend time with, others she isn’t wary of letting in. She’s always going to be apprehensive of who she lets in, but she’s getting better at picking the ones that won’t hurt her. People she takes her time with, getting to know them before rushing in and labeling them her ‘BFF’.

That’s not to say that she doesn’t have them, though. There’s the two girls (who hate each other, and that makes it hard for our girl to ever throw a party) and this boy who’s been the focus for so long. They get her, different as they may be. Sometimes our girl feels bad about being so close to the guy and her crew best friend, but that’s not to say she doesn’t love the other girl too. And even though they all have their own problems, she knows they all have her back when push comes to shove.

She finally knows just who her friends are.

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