16 March 2010


And I know you think I'm crazy,

And I dress up like I'm four,
I don't do dinner and movies,
But, if I showed up at your door.

Would you give me one more minute,
The story's far from finished,
We could fill in all the pages.


I have had an amazing week so far. It's been 65 outside everyday, nice and sunny, discovered an awesome little park by my house with swings and merry-go-rounds....needless to say, I spent 4 hours there earlier with A.

Yeah, yeah, before you say it: after everything, I should be spending less time with him. But he's still one of my very best friends, and I still have a blast with him.

So...here's to hoping the rest of the week stays this awesome! :)


  1. look out side its snowing...

  2. Thanks for the heads' up, Anonymous. I can tell, especially since the first thing I do in the morning is open up my blinds. :P

  3. I know i seen you :) haha jk... B

  4. Saunders, you're a creeper :)