28 March 2010

"Please don't go. I'll eat you up, I love you so."


Again, seems I was wrong. I can't ever think things are going good and be right lately, can I?

He was going after my best friend. Sweet Marina, the person I have come to trust and rely on the most these past few months. And it sucks, because he knows she's liked him all year, and he's just "lonely".

And it's tearing us apart. Tentative friendship with my ex who is pretty much messing with me, my best friend who likes any guy that says they like her....

You know what? I'm done. Gonna take up parkour or something, not talk to people who annoy me, and just quit with all the drama.

Check out my formspring if you want to ask me random questions. I'll try to post them on here as well as my personal facebook.

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