11 March 2010


Wow. I'm either extremely pathetic or extremely stupid.

I just went to A's house. In a complete downpour. In my sweats.


He wasn't even home. I got a frantic call from him ((he's on vacation)) because his best friend, who's supposed to be watching Hera ((my number one pooch)) wasn't answering the phone. So I had to see if he was there for him.

Which I did. *bangs head against nearby wall*

Here's what I told Rina, who could tell through texts that I was upset:

b/c that's something you ask your gf, who you know loves that dumb dog, to go do at 8:30 at night when you know her parents won't let her out after dark and still know she's going to go do it
because she loves you, dang it
and it's all just sucking
and oh, jeeze, what i wouldn't give to just smack him or kiss him or just SCREAM at him

I honestly don't know what to do anymore.

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