06 March 2010

growing up?

Maybe that's what all this is. I honestly don't know, couldn't tell you for sure. All I know is, after trying (and failing)...maybe it's all for the best. It was an emotional rollarcoaster, on the good days - let alone the not-so-good.

I know it's going to hurt - honestly, I expected it to a lot more than it does right now. But I ran into him walking his dog yesterday (oh, how I missed Hera!) and we just talked for about an hour. Not about "us" - there is no more "us" left to salvage - but about random things. Our pasts. Him living in Reno. How to fail at being a ninja (I tried to climb a snow bank and got stuck up to my knees).

It was nice. So...I don't know. I still count him as one of my best friends, someone I would do anything for. (Along with xTainted_Lovex, greg, Paige, Rina and T.J.)

Well...goodbye old love. Hello someone new?

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