19 September 2010

1o things about me

1. I write. It’s my eating, my breathing, my life. Don’t ever ask me to give it up.
2. My favorite food is crab cheese ragoons. 
3. I used to journal, but now I blog. WAY too much.
4. My favorite celebs are Ian Somerhalder and Rupurt Grint.
5. Harry Potter history? I know it better than US. 
6. My friends are some of the most important people in my life.
7. Music = #2 in my life, after writing. Especially Madina Lake, The Maine, All Time Low, the Spring Awakening soundtrack and the Sweeney Todd one. 
8. I already have 5 of my tattoos picked out.
9. I celebrate weird holidays. Like Harry Potter-themed ones. 
10. I love owls. That’s why it got tacked onto my nickname. 

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