12 September 2010

i wish i was strong enough to breathe

Theme song for today

Well, for always, actually, loves. And this one. Mostly anything by the fabulous Madina Lake.

You know how most teenage girls love bands because of how good looking its members are? I like these guys for how good they are. Not just in talent, not just in looks, but in morals and actions. Case in point?

"A man was walking down the street for a drink one night and saw another man beating his wife. 

Putting himself in immediate danger he stopped the man, but in return almost died himself. 

Rock-stars who risk their own life for a person, gives me hope. Matt Leone, bassist of Madina Lake, you GMH." (see it here)

He's just a good guy. And he's still recovering. So, if anyone has some spare change or anything laying around, go here to help - Sweet Relief . 

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