13 September 2010

i was born in the arms of imaginary friends

...Apparently, I was wrong. Again. Like that's anything new, but still.

I genuinely thought he would be different. He acted like it, said all the right stuff, made the game on Friday seem like a date...but apparently not. You know, since he completely ignored me all day. Like, as in walking into me to see other people, ignoring me.

Awesome sauce. I just loooooove when that happens.

Today? Yeah...
(Can anyone else tell I'm on a musical kick again?)

I just want to curl back into my covers and pretend the world's as innocent as I used to think it was. Where every girl was a princess and had a prince charming on the way.

Cuz now? I'm starting to not believe it anymore...


  1. So...yeah, you don't really know what happened that you called the "greatest risk".. I'll tell you probably next time in Econ.

  2. Okay, I'll remember to ask you about it...nothing bad, I hope?