21 September 2010

1o things i hate

1. Diabetic Ketoacidosis. Sooooooo much. Third time its “attacked” in like 5 weeks. Blargh.
2. When people lie. Especially when it’s so outrageous, and they think you still believe them.
3. When guys are indecisive. 
4. Cooked carrots :/
5. When my room’s messy (like now, cuz I’m sick)
6. STRESS. But, alas, welcome to my life lately.
7. Not being able to read a book due to time constraints. If I can’t read, I lose my mind.
8. Not being able to write due to time constraints.
9. Whiny rich girls who think their lives suck because their daddy said no to the $10000 Coach bag.
10. Being short.

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