21 September 2010

1o things to say to one person

1. I missed what we had this summer. A lot more than I admit to you.
2. Selena Gomez? Really? Well, I DID get mistaken for her last month….
3. I need to quit some clubs, I know. I really do.
4. Excuses? They don’t really cut it anymore. 
5. I don’t appreciate it when I leave class for a few minutes and you start talking to one of my best friends about me. Even if you are trying to explain - explain it to me, not her, please.
6. I meant it all. Did you?
7. I’m willing to work at this, but only if you do too.
8. I don’t care if you don’t have time. All I want is the confidence we had in each other before. One month and I saw you once. And guess what? I was totally okay with it. I wish you had been too.
9. When I say I want you to call me, it means I REALLY want to talk to you but I’m afraid to pick up the phone and dial myself.
10. I thought we had something, and there’s a chance at it still. But not if you’re texting some other girl behind my back and lying about it.

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