21 February 2010

can't stop. won't stop. must be dreaming.

I hate dreams that show you what could be, but probably won't.

Had one last night where A. gave me this weird little anime cat thingie from Gamestop during Art Class. For some reason, I absolutely loved it (can't for the life of me remember what it looked like). Hugged him, and then pulled back to say "Thank you!" and he kissed me.

But we all know that won't happen.

He said it the other night - "I think it's best we stay friends, because, sure things would be different for a few weeks, but then they would just go back to the way they were." So...my 40% Rina was talking about? I think it's back down to 0%.

We are going to Spring Fling together, though. As "just friends"

Jeeze, I hate that "Just Friends" connotation. Makes it sound like we were never together, never had anything between us, and it just might happen at Fling. It's all filled with hopeless hoping.

But, Rina seems to think it's not hopeless. ::shrug:: She does know both sides of the story, so...who knows?

Here's to hoping (even if it's hopeless).

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