24 February 2010

good days, they are a'coming?

Who knows?

But A was WAAAAAAY better today, and we're all pumped for Saturday, and the party @ Rina's is actually happening. (two words, my friends: fudge brownies. 'Nuff said.)


Oh, jeeze. They had some of the seniors talk to us about grinding, and *they* were the ones that were the worst at Homecoming. Nice, huh?

So, wish us luck. Me, for the awkwardness that's going to be there when you got to a dance with your ex, Rina for getting the guy at the end of the night


  1. Hey Moe!

    Haha I'm so excited for fling! I hope it's fun...I'm not sure who's going though because I guess it's not 'cool' anymore to go to school functions. Oh well, their loss.

    So, about this A thing....you know how I feel about him still. And he's not really helping that at all. I just don't want you to stay all head over heels for him, even after he dumped you. So uh...the phone's always on and you know my number if you wanna talk.

    Either see you at fling, or see you on Monday!

    -greg <3

  2. Hey Greg!

    Me too...it's weird, everyone's like "Ew, why would you want to go? The light's are going to be ON and EVERYTHING?!" Well, yeah, because you people dance like sluts and expect the teachers to turn a blind eye. -eyeroll- Idiots.

    Yeah, I know. I'm trying not to be, but it's kinda hard still. He keeps blowing hot and cold, so that's not helping anything, and Rina seems CONVINCED we're getting back together. :P But thanks for the open phone invitation. I'll probably take you up on that at some point.

    I will, for sure, see you tommorrow @ Fling. I'll hunt you down or something lol xD

    ~addy <3