15 February 2010

"i swear i'd burn this city down to show you the light"

Two months, baby.

I can't believe it, not one little tiny bit. Two months of this crazy, beautiful, confusing thing. It's amazing, quite frankly, that this is actually happening and I'm *not* just dreaming. For the first month I almost convinced myself I was. But I'm not, and it's a great thing.

Went out for some highly unhealthy McDonald's breakfast and then a quick trip to Biggby (the coffee's just better there, no matter what you say) to celebrate, I guess. I don't know if A even realized what today was, but that's fine. I'm so happy, and yesterday was so great, that it doesn't even matter.

btw, he named the bear Sparky for me yesterday, when my brother was hounding me to name it after him. :)

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