18 February 2010

the party, part xxx (30)

The next month passes.

He says those three little words that carry so much meaning, and he actually means them. Makes her heart go into overdrive, her sense all go crazy, and her mind take a much needed vacation from freaking out over every little thing.

But it’s all not enough. Not enough to hold together something that keeps pulling at the stitches.

Yup, everyone, here’s the obligatory break up vent.

It’s two days after their two month anniversary. Things are going to crap faster by the minute, but she just thinks it’s a bad day. They were both in bad moods, she screwed up (???) and it’ll blow over. Like it always does. Because they are in love, and they’ll work things out because it all means too much to just throw away.

Or so she thinks. Before she can even get to her house after school, her cell’s buzzing. Thinking he’s calling to talk things out, kiss and make up, she’s actually excited for this phone call. Little could she have known that this would go down as one of the worst conversations.

Because, cliché as it all seems, he breaks up with her.

She cried for three hours afterward, talking to some of her closest girlfriends. As soon as the tears stop, though, she has the stupidity to check Facebook. And, of course, the first thing is her News Feed is “ . is Single” and her heart broke all over again. It was like an old wound got ripped open and salt rubbed in it.

She collects her wits, though, because she must, and soldiers through the next day. It goes surprisingly better than she could have ever imagined. She feels like she did before, happy and as content as she can be while still feeling numb inside.

And he likes it – suckish teenage romance, huh?

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