30 May 2010

baby, there's a shark in the water

I haven't had a post like this in a while.

Today's just...blah. Too hot outside, not a good enough book to read, I already watched everything I had Tivo'd, too lazy to go downstairs and grab a movie and some popcorn...I don't know.

Plus I'm stuck on my novel, wrote myself into a corner I'm not sure how to get out of. I think I might just go make myself a playlist in a few and write something that matches my mood.

The only good thing is that me and Chelsea went out the other day and got a retirement gift for our teacher. His name's Beary, appropiatly enough :3

1 comment:

  1. I LOVE him! He's so adorable!

    I just wish I could be there when you give it to him...I'll be at Seoul Gardens eating some Korean food for our arts and crafts field trip. ;P