13 May 2010

you don't wanna know

Why today was WAY less than great:

1) I decided to try and talk to A. It did not go well, please don't say I told you so, because I am well aware that you did.
2) Geometry Test
3) Health Test
4) Headache is worse than ever, if even possible
5) Jordan freaked out on me again

Why today was ALMOST great:

1) Audra signed my yearbook, and made me laugh. "I want you to get mauled by a bear, so then you'll be horribly disfigured and no one will love you but me." xD
2) Me and B started talking again! I'm on the phone with him right now :)
3) He's ^^^ faking a hilarious Indian accent
5) Pandas, Totoros and  Beartatos - OH MY!!!


  1. you know that B has a busy life and that you are jealous of his indain accent haha

    sign... B

  2. Aw, you got me B. :) I totally am jealous of your faux-Indian accent and all its fail.

    So, you're asking me to be someones on Monday?