12 May 2010

kdl = :)

I love me my ☼dora♥

She's my go-to poetry person, the "old soul" of all of us. And the first phone call when I found out this:


It's through the local library, only open to HS students, and I was 2nd out of 10. I feel amazing. And, as I was looking through the old blog posts, I realized I never shared this one, even though I wrote it last summer. (Yes, it's about B if any of you remember him) So, without further adu, "holding back"


She holds back the words

That itch to be released
That would tell how she feels
About him

Things that are better said
Not through a text message.
Things that are terrifying

Things that she means,
Lord knows,
But that she’s too afraid
To say.

To say such things like,
“Come back to me”,
“Be safe”,
Or “I love you”.

That she needs to have him hear
From her tongue,
Not with the metallic taste the phone
Would lend to the words

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