19 May 2010

this clock never seemed so alive

Dear you,

If I ask, will you say yes? If I poured my broken heart out, would you help me piece together what you initially broke? Would you save me from myself? Could you? Would you plaster on that fake smile and say, "No, it's better this way"? Or would you jump headfirst with me, remember how good it used to be?

Could we rewind, forget all the bad stuff, and focus on the good? Would you heal me, bring me back to normal? Even though everything you do questions my mental health, even though I'm too scared to say any of this to you in person, would we last? We once said that had everything not played out like it did, we'd still be together now, 10 months later.

I want to try. I want to see. I want to prove them wrong. I want to prove them right. I want to suprise us with what we could be. I want to prove to myself that I was right the first time.


ps - If you actually do read this, talk to me in person, not on here, please...

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