27 May 2010

you'd think that by now i'd know

Remember how I won that poetry contest?

Well, the prize was 50$ to Schuler's. I just spent 42$ (props to anyone who realizes how stoked I was that it was 42). I'm just excited! Got Lesley Livingston's amazing Wonderous Strange, Richelle Mead's newest installment in the Vampire Academy novels (Spirit Bound) and the newest The Rocket Summer C (Of Men and Angels)

Just wanted to let those who care know that I am stoked to have won. And thanks to the one that inspired it, even if he's a dork sometimes :)


  1. do i get any of it haha jk


  2. Hahahaha no.

    Not gonna happen. I already spent it all. Got Sarah Dessen's "This Lullaby". And coffee.