05 May 2010

wake me up like dynamite

I want to go back to this moment last night, when it was like magic.

I felt so whole, so completely filled up that it felt like I was going to burst. At one point I'm pretty sure I was crying as I was screaming the lyrics. There's just something about going to a concert where the band is something you relate to so well, that you intergrate into your life and list on that Movie Soundtrack of your life.

When your heart picks up the beat of a song and syncs with it. When you lose yourself in the guitar riffs and vocal slides until nothing else matters. When it's just you and the band and a few thousand other screaming fans.

Where every word of every song feels like a letter to your soul, telling you everything will eventually work out, if not now then later. That, yes, you've been hurt, but you deserve better - and you'll get it. Someone loves you, even if you didn't notice at first.

Crazy how an event that can seem so uneventful to so many, just a concert, can mean so much to someone that it almost changes their lookout on everything. Life, love and everything inbetween.

It's like this line I wrote for one of my characters in my book :  "It's one of those times where you feel completely one with the universe."

I just...I feel so introspectual today. Running on less sleep than usual and a mocha, so that's probably part of it.

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