09 April 2010

and you'll fall down a hole

Mixtape #2 : Love Breakup Mix

I Must Be Dreaming ~ The Maine
This was my song for us. It was almost like someone had emptied my head and strung the extra bits together to make this song.

Jasey Rae ~ All Time Low
Before, the “Don’t waste your time on me” would have been because I didn’t think I deserved you. Now? It’s a simple “Don’t waste your breath and time telling me you’ll change, or that you’re sorry. Don’t get all dressed up and expect me to forgive you just like that.”

The Great Escape ~ Boys Like Girls
I get it now. I wish I would have sooner.

Contagious ~ Boys Like Girls
I listened to this whole song, really concentrated on the lyrics, after that day at the park. And it’s so incredibly fitting, and that in itself is annoying. Because it’s me, to a T.

Here We Go Again ~ Demi Lovato
It’s the volatile, rollercoaster relationship that we had. And what she says is how I feel – I try to stay so strong about it, but the moment I hang out with you and it’s so comfortable…I forget for a minute why I get so mad at you.

Fragile ~ Kerli
You don’t know any of it. So stop telling me you have me all figured out.

Turn It Off ~ Paramore
“And the worst part is before it gets any better we’re headed for a cliff. And in the free fall, I will realize I’m better off when I hit the bottom.” I’m still in the free fall part, and am just realizing how much better off I’ll be at the bottom.

Breakeven ~ The Script
Obligatory breakup song. Switch the genders, and there you have it.

Forever and Always [Piano Version] ~ Taylor Swift
Extremely important it’s this version. Conveys the emotion better.
But. This was me that first week. And the night I went to go make sure Hera was okay. Raining = crying. And I do still do that – think about the times when you said “Forever and always”. But you didn’t mean it, did you?

Letdown ~ This Providence
I wish I could say this to you and mean it.

Someone Wake Me Up ~ The Veronicas
Our story. Plain and simple. Except the “mutual” part.

All Again For You ~ We the Kings
Beach = park. Jumped the fence = all the good moments.

The Poison ~ All American Rejects
It’s a song about two people who are complete opposites. And how, even if you wanted to make this work, I would have to not go with you - “You take me with you if you could, but I wouldn't go / I guess sometimes we both loose our minds, to find a better road.”

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