22 April 2010

we break in, break up...keepin' us a secret

I'm just a face for every picture, a smile for your scrapbook....

Sometimes I feel like that ^^^^. I really do. Some of my friends...when I finally open up and just kinda show how I've been feeling, they tell me to stop being such an "emo kid" and "cheer up for once".

The same people that tell me that I shouldn't smile so much, because it's verging on creepy.

Yeah, it's kinda not right of them, but...whatever. I put up with it.

I just...I wish I could always show that I'm not as strong as people think I am. Because I'm not. I'm not made of titanium, I'm just as fragile as any other teenage girl on the planet. I cry WAY more then I let people see, and some of them have seen me cry more times that I would like to admit to.

I wish I could be the strong person they think I am. Be as quirky and sweet and caring as I try to be.

But I'm not.

And I won't be; if ever it will take time.

You think you see me
And everything that you consider me
You think I'm more than you

You think you see me
Like the way I'm strong and stand by you
I am fragile too, I am fragile too
They think they know me
And everything that they consider me
They think I never cry

They are thinking
While they're making up their twisted lies
She won't mind, she is nice
~ Fragile, Kerli

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