25 April 2010

the party, part xxxiii (33)

The One Acts are cancelled.

And He decided to be all bratty about the concert; her book is going nowhere because she keeps procrastinating instead of writing it; her AP History exam is in 9 days; she’s going a bit crazy; TV is becoming more and more intriguing, even over her books (gasp!); and she just is generally more scatterbrained then ever before.

On top of that, the guy she had been interested in seems to have gone for someone else. This is a different guy, not the one that started out so good and went so bad. But it doesn’t matter, not really. Because he asked another to prom, not our girl. Because her friend told him he was crazy for even thinking she would say yes.

But she would have. :(

And now our girl’s being all melancholy and jaded and wants to curl up in bed and watch Miyazaki movies all day. Not go to school, not deal with everyone’s little pieces of drama, just relax and calm down for once.

She needs to have that little piece of time for herself, since she seems to have lost it. The time where she could sit down and write and not feel like “Oh, I should be doing this, this and this”. Where all she needs to do is write, pour her soul out. Not be worried about mundane little things like usual.

But she is.

The school year’s almost up, and she’s got some things to sort out. Like that AP test. And dragging her geometry grade up. And figuring out her summer. Should she volunteer at the zoo, or go help out at the family restaurant? Who is she going to actually care about once school’s over?

Our girl’s going into a friend over-haul. Over the summer, she’s only staying in touch with the people that actually care. Not people who sometimes say hi to her in hallway. The people that have actually touched her life.

So, who’s going to make it?

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  1. wow. you sound just like me, cause Im freaking out for my ap history exam too. ohhh wellll. and my Math grades are suckish too.

    glad i can relate