14 April 2010

wanna see your face and know i made it home

Been listening to the Almost Alice soundtrack a lot lately. Mostly "Strange" by Tokio Hotel and Kerli, "Painting Flowers" by All Time Low, "Follow Me Down" by 3OH!3 and "The Posion" by The All-American Rejects.

Especially the last one. I don't know, it just...lifts my mood. Kinda. Makes me meloncholy and oddly happy and peaceful and relaxed. ::shrug:: I've needed that lately.

Lots of stuff coming up. My first AP test is in less than a month, the Paramore concert, I might be meeting the mayor of my town with my diversity group, and just the general craziness of life. I just wish I could stop time, find a few more hours in the day. Yes, I procrastionate, but at the same time I like relaxing, unwinding, watching shows like American Idol and Glee (omg, the season premire last night was ah-mazing! Doing "Gives You Hell"? YES!)

Well, I should go do some of that (and homework :P)

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