11 April 2010

outburst of emotional crap :P

Sorry about that last post, everyone. I've just been...well, me and A talked for the first time in a long while, and he explained everything and...It hurt, yeah, but I finally know where everything went wrong. And while it all sucks still, I have to move on.

So! It's the last day of Spring Break '10. I saw Where the Wild Things Are, Alice and Wonderland and Clash of the Titans. Went to the weirdest Chinese restaurant ever (there was a fly STUCK to the side of my glass). Got a WtWTA "Wild Rumpus" shirt, some awesome old Tripp pants and I'm getting my tickets to go see Paramore next month before my huge AP History test.

My One Act play got cancelled because half of our cast decided they couldn't be bothered to do it (even though a few were handed parts, didn't have to audition like the rest of us).

And...well, I can't think of anything else. Oh, Audra is staying over tomorrow. Sweetness.

Oh, and don't forget Day of Silence on Friday, everyone!

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