23 April 2010

let's make this night a classic...

Prom tonight for everyone but me.

Because my friend told the guy that wanted to ask me that I would never say yes.

Even though I totally would have. Because he's one of my very best friends, and it's PROM for crying out loud! At the Gardens, too, which is going to be magical and beautiful...yeah, I'm just kinda bitter about it.

And then the Paramore thing. He's still being all "Oh, I don't know..." even though the concert is in like 8 days. So I'm trying to find someone else to go with me. My mom might, though, and that'd be awkward and cool at the same time. Bonding and music she's never heard of.

Oh, and guess what?! I get to get my tattoo for my birthday!! Getting on my heel, maybe with a small fish somewhere on it, cuz my motto lately is "Just keep swimming...." :)

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