07 April 2010

help! i need somebody. help! not just anybody...

So, inkpop is having a Supernatural Writing Contest that's up in ten days.

I need to write a short story (or 5) in those ten days.

Four ideas:
~werewolf girl and her pack
~Nephilim girl (half human, half angel)
~ Girl who "remembers" things from the future
(like older versions of herself send her memories?)
~ A fairy in love with an angel

I'm open to other ideas as well!


  1. I love the middle two ideas. I've never heard of a nephilim. I bet you'll impress people with that one! And the one under that sounds incredibly complex- sure to be amazing and get a great word count, ah? So far I've submitted to prologue to my novel, another excerpt, and a short story I wrote a while back. I've got a few other tricks up my sleeve . . .
    Gook luck hun!
    <3, Faryn

  2. I like the last two, since they both have an actual idea for a plot. I'd also suggest avoiding werewolves, mostly because of Twilight. But for all love stories, there is a problem/obstacle for the lovers. Fairies and angles don't seem to have an problems in my mind, so you'd need to think creativly.

  3. Thanks you two!

    Faryn - the Neph. idea has kinda been used, but mostly because it seems like a lot of people are writing angel stories (Hush, Hush, etc.) And the "memories of the future" one I REALLY like, so...wish me luck

    TJ - Yeah, that's what I was worried about with the werewolves. :P I wanted to, just to kinda help me with mindset in my book, but I might forget it. As for the fairy and angel thing, well, I already have the differences. Think about it - angels are all goodness and light. Fairies are pranksters. ::shrug:: IDK.


  4. Kinda a little late responding but,

    I think the gril remember things from the futer is good. but you should try it from her remmbering things from a differnt person.

    ... B